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Are you in need of a website but can’t be bothered becoming a web designer? Hey, that’s ok, help is a click away. Hi, I’m Kim, welcome to my boutique web design shop.


Let’s figure out where you are at.

If you’re nodding yes to any of the following scenarios, please proceed to the next step.

  • You need a website.
  • You have a website, but it needs an overhaul.
  • You signed up, you pay monthly and… you still don’t have a site. 
  • Your site is not responsive… Wait, what?
  • Your SSL certificate expired… Huh?
  • Your custom WordPress template no longer works and your web guy’s voicemail is full… Now what?
  • You have the dreaded “Error Establishing a Database Connection”.
  • Your brother’s girlfriend started your site, then they broke up, she stole your domain, now it just shows cat videos… or some other drama that you don’t need to go on about.

Step One: Free Consultation

First, we discuss your situation at no charge and without commitments. Through a series of questions, we’ll sketch out what you need to make your site special. It could be just for you or for your business.

Want a brand new site? We’ll discuss content. How much is ready to post (if any)? How much do you need to generate and how regularly? What sites do you like best, and would you like something similar?

Already have a site that isn’t working or just out of date? Who’s hosting it and should that change? We’ll find your domain and determine whether you need a new one.

Need content? I can recommend excellent writers I’ve worked with over the years. Only if you need it.

Step Two: Scope and Cost

Once we’ve talked, I prepare an estimate for your custom website. Following a series of questions, your estimate isn’t a formula but is broken down by task and timeline.

Step Three: You Say ‘Yes’

Depending on the size of the job, it could take a few weeks up to a couple of months to complete. We’ll meet virtually each week, planning, revising and finalizing the design. At the same time, we’ll develop the content. Lastly, we’ll build the site out and closely review it all before going live.

I prefer to work one-on-one with you to create a unique, customized WordPress website that’s easy to update.


Hi, I’m Kim Dolan.

A graphic designer since the late ‘80s; I graduated from George Brown College with a 3-year Diploma. I spent the first years of my career honing my craft around town in Toronto at Reactor Art and Design, Citytv and in the studio at Roche Macaulay & Partners while going to dance clubs, seeing bands, playing squash and having a grand time!

I spent the next hundred years working on my own business. My first venture was WOW Design Studio, opened in 1997. WOW stood for Working On Web. The idea was to continue doing graphic design for print but gradually steer the company, as you already read, to working on web design.

WOW’s first big piece of business, ad agency LOWE RMP, became an exclusive client and after the first year I took on a business partner. Things evolved.

Over 20+ years, we did loads of work for ad agencies and marketing companies: tons of print and digital ads, packaging design and artwork, logo design, subway dominations, digital bill boards, sexy mock-ups and mechanical artwork, youtube videos, fun animations and, yes, some websites. I did it all. That was the issue: More than ever, I wanted to focus just on websites.

So in 2019, I returned to school for a Web Design Certificate at McMaster University. Even with my decades of experiences, I knew there was just so much to learn to become an expert. Now here I am, a life-long learner focusing on Web Design.

Welcome to now. Web Solutions by Kim Dolan is my new boutique design agency. My desire is to help small businesses like yours succeed with useful and fantastic-looking websites.